Sunday, 16 February 2014

GTA V new update 1.10

                          GTA V Update 1.10   Brings Back the Rat Loader

GTA V GTA Online Rockstar Games Update 1.10
"Rockstar Games has been doing their part to keep GTA Online thriving, one way they do that is by constantly adding updates to GTA V. The newest update 1.10 (which became available Valentine’s Day) includes a number of fixes as well as the reintroduction of the Rat Loader. This update brings with it 10 new jobs, including such game types as, Deathmatch, Parachuting, Races (Bike races and Sea races too) and Team Deathmatch

There exists a large amount of fixes in this patch as well as additional changes. Here are just a few of them:
    Rank issues on Learderboards have been fixed
    Getting into Michael’s house in GTA Online is no longer possible
    The option to give cash has been removed
    When weapon-locked players can not call for Ammo Drops
    A new voting screen has been added for the next event in Random Event Missions
    Glitches involving exploiting vehicles has been removed
    The glitch of receiving incorrect RP for UGC jobs or content has been removed
    After respawning players can see on the map where they died
    Players can quit from the Leaderboard if 50 percent of racers have finished
    Replaying Contact Missions is now possible (with help of the Pause menu)
    Money earned in Vs Deathmatches has been restructured
    Vote Kick now works correctly
    North Yankton can not be reached in GTA Online
    Spectators in Deathmatch can now hear everyone in the match"

     by  Garrett Jutte

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