Friday, 20 May 2016

Insomnia in Scotland

 The Uk's biggest gaming festival

Edinburgh heart of Scotland... It's an inspiration for young people, students and for game developers like Rockstar North, if someone don't know they behind that small game called “Grand Theft Auto V" , and for small developers like Black Company Studios, Denki and many more.
Right, why I'm mentioning Edinburgh, video games and game developers..? Because few weeks ago ( yeah few week I know, I didn't had enough time to post anything earlier, because I was so busy studying, work and personal life), I was very lucky to get tickets from Multiplay Insomnia (" if you guys reading this, thank you again") to one of the biggest Uk's gaming festival in Edinburgh . And inside of EICC building (Edinburgh International Conference Centre – that is the place where the party started), it was a lot, I mean a lot to do, which I will try to write below.
Just before I will start to write about my journey, I need to say the "big party" started on Friday April 29th and ended on Monday, May 2nd. But because I was so busy I had only chance to go on Sunday 1st.

So before I entered the gamer's paradise I had to wait for my crew (one person – very important person for taking pictures) after few minutes, we were walking to the EICC building. Before we approach the main desk and pick up our press passes, we were stopped by security and they have asked few questions.
We have been there 25 minutes before, so we had to wait. After quick 20 minutes, everybody was directed to see opening ceremony. After we pick our seats (in the front of curse), and after wait 30 minutes of trailers and teasers witch I really enjoyed.

The opening ceremony started with special guests like GIZZYGAZZA , LTZONDA, HAT FILMS TROTT, HAT FILMS T ROSS,WAGLINTON, SUZY LU (if you don’t know they are YouTubers), and many more.

They even had a bunch of big haribo boxes, with small packets of haribo bears inside. Why they had them? Just to throw them out in audience (Great free sweeties!!). After battle for my small bag of gummy bears, four people from audience where chosen to play great game called Gang Beasts.

It was fun to watch how they beat, throw each other’s in the big fan or just outside the ring. At the end of game it was only two guys, they had to throw another one outside the ring. The person who won the game got the tickets to next Insomnia event, and prize for the second place it was a keyboard and other computer accessories.
After opening ceremony it was time to enjoy expo, so we had a look at some cosplay costumes.

There was a place to play card games as well

And if you one of the millions Minecraft fans there was a special zone for Minecraft to

And Street Fighter V Tournament

You could bring your stuff as well

Unique posters and masks

And of course cookies


Now time for YouTubers to sign some photos and t-shirts

Oh yea I forgot to mention …. Oculus rift and before you ask, I was able to play Eve Valkyrie, it was.... amazing!!

After we went to retro gaming corner, Nintendo, GameCube.... you name it, it’s there.

You could buy old games for your old console as well

Or badges......

And play some taiko drum master

Visited a zone for independent developers, and because I'm an independent game developer as well, that was one of the best places I enjoyed.

And if you feel like a superstar with your friends, you could go on stage and play guitar hero

Xbox One zone

A lot of stuff to buy.....

Super Smash Bros tournament

FIFA 16 tournament

Overclockers UK had they zone as well, and they had big stuff, really big stuff

Here is one whole floor for people who bought ticket to bring they own computers, consoles and play with others.

One of the many shows at Insomnia , this one is called Immersive minds hosted by Stephen Reid
The whole talk and information was about pretty much how young kids are smarter from their parents, and why parents should try to play games, and don’t be afraid of new technology.

You even could buy a real bullet with your name on it.

Or play on touch big screen

My last stop was at the bar and can of Irn-bru, and back to my comfy sofa.

After 9 hours of walking I was exhausted, but it was wort it.

 I just hope Mr. Craig Fletcher (founder of Multiplay) will be happy witch results, and Insomnia will comeback next year.

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  1. Looks like you had a good time! Wish I was able to go, maybe next year if they decide to bring it back. We should go together and try some stuff out - Kevin