Friday, 4 May 2018

3D modeling?............easy!!!


So what is "MH Tutorials ?   don't mistake it with H&M, this is not a tutorial channel how to do shopping. 

btw. (that would be a great tutorial for some gir...ehm..people who spending hours and hours in the clothing shop). ok back to the question what is MH Tutorials? The name is coming from that nice   guy (Mike Hermes) who will appear on the screen, when you will be watching those tutorials, sooo (MHT) is a YouTube channel that is showing to people, ( and maybe animals?) how to model in the 3D software....well not only one but in a few, for example, we have Creative Industry standard Maya 3D ( where you can create animations and 3d models and the only limitation is your imagination, oh btw Maya is free for students) next one, Marvelous Designer this software allows you to design clothes and fabrics this software is used in animated films, video games, ......and guess what! Mike is reaching 75.000 subscribes!! at that moment when I'm writing this blog. and he decided to give away the license for that software and those licenses for 3d softwares aren't cheap! this isn't just a license this is a Perpetual license that means you get that license and it's yours, you don't need to buy it again next month or year, no it's yours. (btw license costs about $500), what a guy right?? 
ok so what else he is doing? well, he is also teaching how to render/ adding textures in software like Substance Painter or KeyShot, and they are key softwares for big studios like RockstarGames, NaughtyDog, Ubisoft, Century FOX, Illumination Macguff, and maaany many more, pssst!. guess what! see that guy Mike.... he is crazy he is giving away KeyShot 7Pro ( the latest version) heh guess how much is the license?.... license costs almost $2000!!! yea that is right! and you can get it for free.
It's like double Christmas, well done Mike! so this software allows you to create some animations and adding great textures to your model just by dragging the texture to your model it's easy and soo powerful.Ufff ok what is next, since we are talking about the giveaway,  Mike has another surprise for his subscribers he is giving away BenqPD2500Q Monitor for artists, photographers. the monitor is 25inch big and is looking very good, the specs are impressive as well, end of the day is a bloody free monitor!!! ok, I think we can stop here we don't want to make him bankrupt ;)
Let's talk about the channel and Mike. Mike started his adventure with YouTube in 2013 and he was just making 3d tutorials because he was enjoying it and he wanted to share his knowledge, what he enjoyed  more was to see that he was actually helping people to understand 3D modeling, Mike is a really nice guy, he may have 75.000 ( and growing!!)subscribers, but he is always answering all the questions in the comments.His tutorials are very easy to follow if you a beginner you will really appreciate how Mike will guide you from step by step. but also if you advance 3d artist you will find something here for you as well, Mike from time to time is doing some cool dynamic/ Fx tutorials and don't worry if your first language isn't English, So many people from different countries are watching his tutorials and they have no problem to follow them. Mike even said he is trying his best to make sure everybody can understand his tutorials. So as you see this channel is really worth a look.
I can talk more about Mike and how he is active on his Facebook or G+, or Twitter group but that can be a completely different article.


  1. So cool Martin, thank you so much !


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