Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Amazon console

 Console for your living room from amazon? hmm have a look

"Last summer, rumors spread of Amazon's intentions to release an Android-based game console. At the time, the device was reportedly planned for the end of 2013--clearly, that timeframe has slipped away. But according to a report from VG247, the world's largest online retailer is still moving forward with the project, and the price point should come in "under $300."


Reportedly, multiple game publishers were briefed on the console by Amazon. The device has drawn comparisons to the grey PSone, but with sharper edges. Lab 126, the Amazon-owned design company behind the Kindle, is allegedly working on the hardware.

Last year, the $99 Ouya console--which also runs on Android--faced a difficult time finding its place in the game hardware market. If Amazon's console is priced even higher, one might wonder how a similar piece of hardware running mobile games will find profitable sales figures. But given Amazon's massive customer base and brand, it's clear the company will have a leg-up."

                                                                                                                by Matt Clark

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