Thursday, 16 January 2014

GTA V PC leaked working video!!

  "The GTA V PC saga continues today with a new video that’s mysteriously appeared on Youtube claiming to be recording of the PC version.


 We’ve been down this road before with leaked screenshots and investigations into the console code. Now we all know that it will be coming at some point, even the Grand Theft Auto V PC petition is sporting more that 653,000 signatures now which should be enough to convince Rockstar it’s wort it.

Out of the blue comes a new piece of video footage which could be legitimate based on the fact the options screen is shown with all kinds of PC graphics settings. Some comments say it’s a fake because of the way the mouse moves but it’s not inconceivable a controller is being used to test.

The video quality is really poor, it was probably snapped quickly on a phone if it is legitimate, but make your own minds up by giving it a watch."
                           By  Paul Younger

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