Thursday, 2 January 2014

Virtual Reality for Smartphone ( pre review)

So virtual reality is just getting bigger and it landed on our smartphones.        
Vrase, wonder why reading that im thinking about bums (ar*e), yep that is a. dodgy name.
But(t) except name the rest of that device its pretty promising.
You cant buy it yet unless u paid £48 pounds for one backer on kickstarter website and then you can get a "early bird " on January.

So what it is?
Basicly is a case with  lenses  that transforms your smartphone to a huge 200 inch HD 3D screen.
So if you are playing games or watching movies on your phone now you can do it on bigger screen, and its wireless so you can do it everywhere.

But I think best place to use it is home or on plane, not on the bus on my way to work, its not that I dont trust people on bus.... well you dont look smart in that.
Because the case have a big hole in front it  can be use for recording your extreme sports or for agumented reality.
In my opinion its cool gadget ,  its cheaper then huge tv... well cheaper than most tv on market.
And is available for most smartphones with screen size from 3'5"  up to 6'3".
So if you want a 200 inch tv for less than 50 pounds its for you.

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