Sunday, 12 January 2014

Control your dreams!!

 Ever wish you could control your dreams ? well now you can.

"We spend one-third of our lives sleeping and dreaming. Like most people, we have no control over our dreams.

Be it a nightmare or a fantasy, dreams usually control our every movement and when we wake, they leave us wondering why we didn’t do certain things otherwise.

However, the guys at iWinks are promising to turn that sense of regret around.

iWinks has created a dream-enhancing headband called Aurora.
This headband plays special lights and sounds during your sleep so you know you are dreaming. This state of awareness allows you to take control of your dreams.

This idea follows the concept of lucid dreaming and utilizes a technology that measures brainwaves, eye-movement activities, and tracks body movements. Users have to connect Aurora to an app on their mobile device or computer via Bluetooth connection for it to work.

The app will also allow users to personalize their dreams by choosing from the app’s library of light effects to coordinate with sounds from their own music library.

In addition, the app has a smart alarm clock that knows when to wake you up so you will feel most refreshed.

Whilst we wouldn’t know if it works till we actually try the product, the Aurora sounds like a brilliantidea for those who are looking for some adventure in their sleep.
You can grab your own dream-enhancer at US$175 on Kickstarter."

                                                article  by Kenzi Ong (

So what about you guys fancy to create your own adventure in dreams?

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